Dr. Risë VanFleet and Tracie Faa-Thompson have partnered to provide a definitive guide to the implementation of Animal Assisted Play Therapy. Bringing a combined wealth of knowledge and experience with dogs, horses, and human mental health, they provide a scientifically based but practical outline to the field of animal assisted interventions. While providing a good argument for the importance of having sound human clinical skills before adding an animal component to therapy, they also emphasize the well-being of all animals involved. In selecting and training their animal partners to designing interventions that will most benefit their clients, they are always cognizant and respectful of the effect of this work on the animals themselves. In this time of increased interest and recognition of animal assisted therapy, practitioners should look out for the well-being of all who are involved in these complex interactions. It is refreshing to know that there is a good resource that can guide them in this pursuit.

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