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Certified in Filial Therapy

The Family Enhancement and Play Therapy Center offers a full certification program for professionals who have met our stringent criteria for this credential as therapists, supervisors, and instructors. It is a full certification (different from a “certificate program”) because individuals must satisfactorily demonstrate their competencies in the understanding and effective, ethical practice of Filial Therapy. The professionals must attend at least 150 hours of online and in-person training programs, satisfactorily complete supervision that typically takes a year. Supervisors and Instructors have additional experience and training requirements.The first step toward certification is to attend an Intensive Filial Therapy Training Program with a Certified FT Instructor. The current Certified Filial Instructors have achieved a high level of skill in conducting and teaching Filial Therapy, and are listed below. Course dates and locations are found in the Shop.

Professional Listing of Certified Instructors and Supervisors

The Certified Supervisors and Instructors shown here are for nondirective play therapy and Filial Therapy. There is a separate directory of instructors in Animal Assisted Play Therapy® at www.iiaapt.org.

Each entry includes a brief biography of the individual as well as contact information. If you have any questions at all about this listing, the training and certification programs, please send them to rise@risevanfleet.com. Information about becoming Certified can be found here.

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