This site has information for parents and professionals about the importance of play and the use of play therapy to help children and families with a wide range of social, emotional, and behavioral adjustment difficulties. Training programs for mental health professionals in state-of-the-art and evidence-based interventions are included, as well as a variety of Dr. VanFleet’s books, articles, manuals, and dvds. Special focus is on Filial Therapy, a highly effective therapeutic approach that fully integrates play therapy with family therapy.

This site focuses on Animal Assisted Play Therapy, which integrates animal assisted therapy with play therapy for children, teens, and families. It also includes information about dog- and family-friendly dog training and canine behavior consultation. Dr. VanFleet’s award-winning book and articles, as well as other information and publications are available in the Store and in the Resources section. Seminars for mental health and canine/equine professionals are listed in the Training section.

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Dr. Risë VanFleet is known internationally for her fun and informative presentations and workshops, as well as for her books, articles, and dvds about the fields of play therapy, Filial Therapy, and Animal Assisted Play Therapy. Her innovative approaches and stimulating training programs are frequently hailed by participants as among the best they’ve ever attended. A Licensed Psychologist (PA), Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor, and a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Dr. VanFleet brings 35 years of experience to her seminars, dvds, and books/articles. The quality of her work has been recognized by 8 national and international awards. More information is in each website.

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