Tracie Faa-Thompson (UK)

Tracie Faa-Thompson, BA SW, MA Crim,AASW, CAEBI, PGdipNDPT is a specialist social worker in adoption based in Northumberland, UK. She is a British Association of Play Therapists Play and  Filial Therapist   As a clinical hypnotherapist, Tracie incorporates EMDR, Eye Movement Integration with Emotional Freedom Technique. Her passion is working in nature, amalgamating mature-based play and animal-assisted therapies. She is a Certified Filial Therapy Supervisor and Instructor with many years of experience, as well as an Applied Herbal Choices Animal Health Professional Consultant, a Certified Animal Ethology and Behaviour Instructor.   She founded Nature Based Therapeutic Life Story work using nature to plot family journeys in three dimensions.

Tracie, along with Dr. Risë VanFleet, brought together the modalities of play therapy, animal-assisted therapies, and other disciplines to co-create Animal Assisted Play Therapy® as a positive, cohesive, and ethical play therapy approach. They co-wrote the Maxwell Award-winning book, Animal Assisted Play Therapy, in 2017, and has written numerous peer-reviewed chapters and articles on the fascinating field of AAPT. Since 2008, Tracie has been an active Filial Therapy Instructor and Supervisor. Her passion lies in amalgamating Animal Assisted Play Therapy® and Filial Therapy.

Nurtured in Nature:

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