Heddy Swigger (Canada)

Heddy Swigger, MSW, RSW, CPT, is a certified play therapist based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience, Heddy completed her Master of Social Work degree and began pursuing a career in children’s mental health. Heddy became certified with the Canadian Association for Play Therapy and has since focused primarily on play therapy modalities with her clients. She is the founder of a private children’s mental health clinic. When working directly with children, Heddy practices almost exclusively from a Child-Centred Play Therapy (CCPT) framework. However, since being introduced to Filial Therapy, Heddy has become passionate about bringing this transformative model to the families she works with. The majority of Heddy’s work now focuses on Filial Therapy for children and families.

Heddy has completed the Intensive, Advanced, and Instructor’s Filial Therapy trainings with Dr. Risë VanFleet and the Family Enhancement & Play Thereapy Center, and is a proud advocate of the power of the modality. Heddy has had the opportunity to work with many families using Filial Therapy and has been witness to the improvement in connection, safety, and cohesiveness between the child(ren) and their parents. Heddy is pleased to conduct the Intensive Filial Therapy Therapy Training Program as one of its Instructors so that more families in Canada have access to this model and its benefits. 


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