Casebook of Filial Therapy e-book


by Rise VanFleet & Louise Guerney (Eds.), 452 pages, e-book in PDF format
TThis 24-chapter volume (now an e-book in PDF format) provides clinicians with detailed, practical information about applying filial therapy to a wide range of problems and situations. Notable experts in the field have contributed chapters on such applications as the use of filial therapy with adolescent parents, kinship care, children with ADHD, single parents, adoptive/foster families, Head Start, attachment problems, in school settings, domestic violence, chronic illness, multicultural applications, family reunification, and much more! Each chapter contains details and case studies illustrating the use of filial therapy with a specific population or in a particular setting. The “expandable book” format in an attractive binder permits expansion of this large volume with new chapters in the future at minimal cost to the reader. Foreword by Dr. Bernard Guerney, co-founder of Filial Therapy.

Comments/Reviews on the Casebook of Filial Therapy:

Bernard G. Guerney, Jr., Ph.D. (from the Foreword): "I believe that the Casebook of Filial Therapy should be must reading, not only for therapists who already are Filial therapists and therapists who already work with young children, but also for those therapists who would like to explore the possibility of beginning to work with children and who wish to find a suitable method for doing so.  That is especially true because Filial Therapy is an empirically supported therapy. How fortunate it is then, that the editors of this book have collected such a wide array of experienced, talented, creative, and inspiring therapists and writers.  They provide an impressive vista of the power of Filial Therapy across widely diverse cultures, sub-cultures, and settings within our country and abroad.  Moreover, the Casebook of Filial Therapy is an exceptionally pleasant and interesting book to read--indeed, I would say it is captivating and sometimes heartwarming...."

Charles E. Schaefer, Ph.D. (Fairleigh Dickinson University; co-founder of the Association for Play Therapy): "This is an excellent, comprehensive, and practical book describing the adaptation of the Filial Therapy model to diverse populations.  Professionals will find this an invaluable guide for enhancing their practice of Filial Therapy."

Virginia Ryan, Ph.D. (University of York, England): "The editors, Rise VanFleet and Louise Guerney, have been warmly welcomed here in Britain recently.  Their training and writing have been embraced wholeheartedly by myself and many other play therapists.  We have benefited from Louise's and Rise's creative leadership and generosity in sharing many years of their knowledge and practice with us, and we have been delighted that their approach to Filial Therapy is so easily assimilated to the way of practicing non-directive play therapy here.  This book is a further treat for us--its richness of clear applications and its interesting applications for diverse and challenging family experiences from skilled Filial therapists will contribute greatly to our deeper understanding of Filial Therapy.  More chapters, please!"

Garry Landreth, Ed.D. (University of North Texas): "VanFleet and Guerney are two of the most respected individuals in the field of Filial Therapy.  Their writings in this book and the material they have included provide an encyclopedia of innovative approaches to Filial Therapy training that helps families live fulfilling lives.  This practical, one of a kind book illuminates the creative facilitative qualities of Filial Therapy and explains the adaptive process of the Filial Therapy model with diverse populations and settings."

Ruth Watson, M.A. (Chair of the British Association of Play Therapists; Visiting Lecturer, Roehampton Surrey University; Deputy Director, Independent Adoption Service, London, England): "This brilliant Casebook is a must for any aspiring Filial therapist.  It encompasses a vast range of situations where Filial Therapy has proven to be effective.  A wonderful asset, and so user friendly!"

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