A Parents Handbook of Filial Therapy – Turkish Translation


by Rise VanFleet, 39 pages
Filiz Çetin, M.A., Psi. Dan., Translator.

This handbook is intended for child and family therapists to use with parents who are involved in filial (parent-child) play therapy. In filial therapy, the therapist trains and supervises parents as they conduct special play sessions with their own children in order to resolve a wide range of adjustment and mental health difficulties. Filial therapy is a relatively short-term intervention with long-term benefits: 40 years of research consistently have shown it to be effective in facilitating both child and parent change. This handbook is designed to help parents understand the process and answer many of the questions that arise. Included are an overview of the therapy process as well as information for parents at various phases of the therapy. The manual is written simply and understandably and provides a convenient reference for both parent and therapist.

Comments/Reviews on A Parent's Handbook of Filial Play Therapy:

Association for Play Therapy Newsletter Book Review:
"Risë VanFleet, PhD, has written an outstanding handbook to assist parents and therapists in the filial therapy process. This serves as a guide for parents and a format for the play therapist trained in the filial therapy process. A Parent's Handbook of Filial Play Therapy addresses critical issues to parents. The author explains the theory and practice of filial play therapy (FPT) using common language that most parents can understand. Goals and principles are outlined to assist parents in understanding the potential and continuing benefits of the process of FPT... VanFleet has offered another outstanding contribution to the field of play therapy literature. This flexible handbook serves to assist parents in the process of Filial Play Therapy. Significant topics are given using easy to understand language and pragmatic examples.

This text would also be useful in training graduate students in filial therapy techniques. As a counselor educator, I highly recommend this book and will use it with all the parents with whom I work!

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