2024 AAPT Conference


12 total continuing education credits/clock hours will be awarded to participants who watch the entire conference and complete the necessary assessments (choose the CE credits option below when you register).


April 17-18, 2024

This conference is designed to familiarize attendees with many facets of Animal Assisted Play Therapy®, a multimodal, transdisciplinary intervention with wide applicability to assist clients and students in reaching their clinical, medical, or educational goals. It is a theoretically integrative approach that focuses on healthy, reciprocal, mutually-beneficial relationships at its core. It also highlights the importance of animal welfare and well-being, and one of its requirements is that the animals must actually enjoy, not merely tolerate the interactions. AAPT can be used with clients of all ages, families, and groups. A variety of different species can be involved. There is a growing body of research that shows the value of AAPT as well. Join us for our 4th annual stimulating and informative virtual conference! 

TOPICS (presenters)

  • Curious Calico or Talkative Tabby? Assessing Your Animal’s Appropriateness for AAPT Work (Jacque George)
  • Preparing Your Canine for Nondirective Animal Assisted Play Therapy® (Dr. Mary Rottier & Dr. Jennifer Main)
  • No Office? No Problem! Taking Animal Assisted Play Therapy® on the Road (Cyndie Kieffer)
  • The Combined Use of EMDR and Animal Assisted Play Therapy® Compatibility & Applications (Jeri Yingling)
  • What Is My Horse Saying and Why Does It Matter? (Ann Elliot)
  • ABCs and 123s: Applying Animal Assisted Play Therapy® Principles in Schools (Jennifer Ganz)
  • AAPT Group Application in School Settings: A Journey of a Healing Dog and Elementary School Students in Taiwan (Pei-Jyun, Chen & Shih-Yin, Wu)
  • Just Let It Play Out: A Look at Animal Assisted Play Therapy® in Action (Emily Boatwright)
  • Worth More Than a Guinea: The Value of Guinea Pigs in AAPT (Dr. Mary Rottier)
  • Collaboration in AAPT: Working as a Team Across Therapy and Alternative Education (Sheli Brown & Carly McCarthy)
  • Retirement and/or Death of the Therapy Animal: Helping Clients and Therapists Through the Grieving Process (Teri Holamon)
  • Competencies Needed for Animal Assisted Play Therapy® & Other Animal-Assisted Services What They Are, Why They Are Needed, How to Learn and Demonstrate Them
(examples for dogs, horses, and other species) (Dr. Risë VanFleet & Tracie Faa-Thompson, Co-creators of AAPT)


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