Proceedings of the 2022 AAPT Conference


12 total continuing education credits/clock hours will be awarded to participants who watch the entire conference and complete the necessary assessments (choose the CE credits option below when you register).




Now available as an on-line course!

On March 2-3, 2022, we held our second annual online Animal Assisted Play Therapy® Conference. It featured 12 presentations which are now available, collectively, as a self-paced online course. Continuing education credits are available. The topics follow below. The full schedule and many more details are in this flyer.

TOPICS (presenters)

  • Power-up Play: The Language of Human-Dog Play & Enhancing Reciprocity (Kirsty MacQueen)
  • Combining Sand Tray and Animal Assisted Play Therapy® in Trauma Work (Dr. Mary Rottier)
  • Tails of the Unexpected--What Really Happens When Dogs Visit Classrooms (Implications for AAPT in Educational Settings) (Dr. Helen Lewis & Dr. Janet Oostendorp)
  • The Short and Long Goodbyes: Processing Separation and Loss in Canine Assisted Play Therapy® (Dr. Jennifer Main)
  • What a Pitty! The Challenges and Triumphs of "Bully Breeds" in Animal Assisted Play Therapy® (Haley Moskella)
  • Animal Assisted Play Therapy® Co-Founder Spotlight: Influences, Principles, Competencies (Tracie Faa-Thompson)
  • Applying Animal Assisted Play Therapy® within a School-Based Trauma-Responsive Approach (Jennifer Ganz)
  • Listening Through Horses' Ears: Implications for Animal Assisted Play Therapy® (Ann Elliot)
  • Utilizing Outcome Measures in Animal Assisted Play Therapy® While Still Having Fun! (Kate Nicoll)
  • Integrating Animal Assisted Play Therapy®with Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (Debora McManus)
  • Building Animal Assisted Play Therapy® Interventions for Transgender Youth: A Qualitative Study
    (Dr. Katharine Wenocur)
  • Animal Assisted Play Therapy® Co-Founder Spotlight: Influences, Principles, Competencies (Dr. Risë VanFleet)

The evaluations of this conference from those attending it were overwhelmingly positive, with nearly everyone rating it as excellent. The flyer contains full descriptions of each and bios of the presenters. If you need continuing education credits, please be sure to read our CE statement. CE is available only for those who register for it, complete an assessment, submit a satisfaction survey, and watch the full conference recordings. Learning objectives are in the flyer as well.


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