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WINNER of the Planet Dog Foundation’s Sit. Speak. Act. Canine Service Award as judged in the Dog Writers Association of America 2008 competition for all media about therapy and service dog programs!

Play Therapy With Kids & Canines
Benefits for Children’s Developmental and Psychosocial Health

Risë VanFleet, PhD, RPT-S

A Practitioner’s Resource Series Book

156pp. © 2008
ISBN10: 1568871120
ISBN13: 9781568871127

This new volume describes the integration of animal assisted therapy and play therapy, and details the involvement of canines in play therapy to address a wide range of child and family difficulties. Table of contents is listed below the reviews that follow.

Reviews of this book:

“…Play Therapy with Kids & Canines serves as an informative and motivational launching point for professionals to begin their training in the integration of play and the use of canine cotherapists. … With the emphasis that training must continually be a two-sided activity, this author introduces practical guidelines and considerations… A resounding strength of this book is found in the sections that describe specific AAPT interventions to target a number of presenting clinical problems. …Play Therapy with Kids & Canines is a highly readable book that sheds light on the work of both human and canine pioneers in an approach to therapy that shows great promise in the treatment of children.” -American Psychological Association, PsycCRITIQUES (1554-0138, 2/4/09, Vol. 54, Release 5, Article 5)

“…as I read VanFleet’s book, I found myself wishing that this book had been available years ago. Risë VanFleet’s (book) is a well-researched, comprehensive, yet concise text for all of us who are interested in both animal-assisted therapy and play therapy. This monograph covers both the theoretical and practical elements of animal-assisted play therapy (AAPT) in a clear, coherent, and organized manner. …VanFleet’s clear dedication to ethical practice, respect for dogs, and respect for children is a true strength of this book. She diligently and clearly challenges the reader to consider how using a dog in play therapy will best serve the needs of the child. Most importantly, she stresses that good therapy dogs are not born instantly but rather these dogs need proper socialization, training, human interaction, and structure. Above all, VanFleet communicates the deep sense of commitment to animals and children that one must assume in order to do this work. …This book is a valuable resource for both students and experienced play therapists. VanFleet’s writing is highly accessible, interesting, and thought provoking.” -American Journal of Play, 2009, Vol. 2 (2), pp. 220-221.

“Play Therapy With Kids & Canines: Benefits for Children’s Developmental and Psychosocial Health is a fantastic look at the effect that dogs can have in children’s therapy. Risë VanFleet provides constant examples on the way that dogs are integrated specifically into play therapy. Dr. VanFleet goes through the entire process of obtaining a dog for therapeutic uses, and all the ways in which that dog can be beneficial to the child. Her section on canine cotherapists in nondirective and directive play therapy is especially helpful for other play therapists seeking to incorporate dogs in their sessions. The numerous case studies and quotations throughout the book lend an exciting aspect that makes the book interesting to read and constantly makes you want to go further to read the next excerpt. This book is a necessity for play therapists.” -Heidi G. Kaduson, PhD, RPT-S, Director, The Play Therapy Training Institute, Inc.

“Kids and dogs share a special bond. Risë VanFleet teaches therapists precisely how they can use this magical relationship to help children deal with stress and recover from trauma. Furry friends can soothe the soul.” -Colleen Pelar, CPDT, CDBC, author of Living with Kids and Dogs. . . Without Losing Your Mind

“Risë VanFleet offers a valuable addition to the literature on both animal assisted therapy and play therapy. VanFleet’s approach to integrating these two therapeutic modalities is a monumental step forward in the clinical treatment of children. This work provides comprehensive coverage of foundations and applications of animal assisted play therapy that is interlaced with extraordinary case examples which invoke awe and wonderment in the reader.” -Cynthia K. Chandler, EdD, author of Animal Assisted Therapy in Counseling

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