Child-Centered Play Therapy



Product Description

Our self-paced online courses include a Powerpoint (in pdf format) that guides you through the program, access to the unlisted video segments on YouTube, and a more detailed handout (in pdf format). All details are sent to you in an email from Dr. VanFleet after you register.

In some cases, there are 1 or 2 additional text materials required, and these are noted in the descriptions when relevant.

Child-Centered Play Therapy (CCPT) is a very effective and frequently used form of play therapy in its own right, and it has been applied with a wide range of child and family difficulties. CCPT also serves as the foundation of Filial Therapy, and the specific skills of CCPT are valuable when using more directive forms of play therapy as well. It is considered a foundational form of play therapy, but is actually much more complex than many people believe. This 10-hour course includes the following topics: theory and rationale, goals, toy selection, specific play session skills and methods, recognition of play themes, interpretation, special issues, involving parents, and application to a variety of problem areas. Video footage includes an entire CCPT session to illustrate concepts and methods.
Additional text required: VanFleet, Sywulak, & Sniscak 2010. Child-Centered Play Therapy. NY: Guilford


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