Certification Program

Certification in Animal Assisted Play Therapy™

The International Institute for Animal Assisted Play Therapy was developed to advance the development of Animal Assisted Play Therapy (AAPT) through training, supervision, standards, and credentialing. The mission is to ensure the highest quality of professional practice of this approach.

The IIAAPT supports the use of theoretically grounded and empirically supported methods. The welfare of human clients as well as nonhuman animal assistants is of critical importance, and the certification program described herein is designed to ensure that all participants benefit from involvement in this approach.

The certification program is rigorous and requires substantial work and dedication on the part of professional practitioners to achieve. The IIAAPT believes that stringent credentialing based on demonstrated competence is more meaningful as a statement of the professional’s commitment and achievement in the highest quality practice of AAPT with clients while preserving the humane treatment of the animals involved.

Download our Certification Program Manual (PDF).

If you have any questions about this certification, please contact us:

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